Our Strengths

Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Limited is standing on a foundation of technological and engineering capabilities,we take the creative leap, where innovation is the wind beneath our wings. We examine seemingly impossible ideas, try them out, develop them, and in many instances, win patents for them. But these are not abstract ideas, exciting but useless. We make sure our innovative products serve a clear purpose – not just meeting, but surpassing the expectations of our customers.

We are the first battery manufacturer of all types of rechargeable lead-acid batteries in Pakistan:

  • Maintenance Free Calcium plus and Dry Charged Lead Acid automotive batteries.
  • Motorcycle batteries (Dry Charged & VRLA versions)for SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) and LI (lighting, ignition).
  • VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) with AGM & GEL for Telecommunication & solar power sector.
  • Tubular Plate Deep Cycle batteriesfor solar,motive power vehicles and deep cycle purpose.
  • E-Bike batteries.
  • Golf Cart batteries for motive power golf carts.
  • 24Volt specialized batteries in Maintenance Free & GEL Version.
  • OPzV&OPzS 2 volt cells for multiple power solution usage.
  • Traction batteries for motive power vehicles.


Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Ltd. aims at continuous improvement through skills and modernization of its products to the entire satisfaction of its customers expectations and deliver to them zero defect products in time.


At Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Ltd., we continuously strive to improve our products through enhanced proficiencies and skills, to meet the expectations of our valued customer and to deliver them products with ZERO defect.


To produce Lead Acid Batteries in safe and healthy environment, Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt) Limited outlines the following commitments.

  • We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and will constantly ensure the compliance for a better environmental system.
  • We will prevent the pollution by:
    1. Reducing the level of harmful emissions and their impacts
    2. Minimizing the wastage impacts by recycling or otherwise ensuring safe treatment and disposal.
    3. Developing a suitable working environment to protect the health and safety of our employees.
    4. Proper neutralization of the acids being discharged in the factory
  • We will provide proper training of our employees to understand and act upon our policy. Moreover we will make the policy statement available for all those who are concerned or affected by our activities.
  • We will continuously improve our Environmental Management system by setting and monitoring objectives and targets at all relevant functions

We are committed to manage our activities for the betterment of nature and society