Pakistan Accumulators (Pvt.) Ltd. always aims to exceed the expectations of our customer by providing them with highly efficient and reliable products. We are now engaged in developing and introducing new specialized batteries, including:
• VRLA 2V & 12V Range with AGM & GEL Technology
• VRLA 12V Small Range 5AH, 7AH, 12AH & 18AH
• OPzS Tubular Plate Deep Cycle batteries in 2V and 12V Range
• OPzV 2V VRLA Maintenance Free with Tubular Plate Technology
• 2V Traction batteries
• E-Vehicle batteries
• Golf Cart 6V & 8V batteries
• 24V Batteries in Maintenance Free & GEL Version
• Maintenance Free Calcium+ Automotive Batteries
We have consistently grown in size, expanded our product range and enhanced the quality of our products. With the Grace of Almighty Allah and the trust of our customers in our product, we are all set to reach even greater heights.