Job Vacancy

Last Day To Apply : December 31, 2019

Job Descrption

For us at Pakistan Accumulators, our people are our valued assets and we believe that all PALites share the task of fulfilling the PAL’s vision & mission. PAL offers the ideal platform to foster leaders and facilitate them to reach their full potential. We believe that, it is not bricks that build a company, but the minds and hearts of its people.

Discover, Develop and Guide. That is what we promote, every day at Pakistan Accumulators. The finest PALites enjoy solving problems creatively, they revel in the challenges that work throws up.

Each person is a team player and ensures that the team functions effectively. Our aim is to offer each employee the environment, empowerment and empathy that enable them to blossom.

These are the values that guide our path and enrich our work experience every day.


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• Truthfulness & Sincerity: Every act will be honest, free from falseness or deception.

• Dedication to Merit: From the first step to the completion of the task, the sole aim will be to attain excellence, with no compromises and zero tolerance for anything that falls short of the best.

• Mutual Trust & Respect: All work relationships will be based on trust, with due respect given to the other person. Misunderstandings will be discussed and erased, doubts will be cleared and harmony will prevail.