Dry-Charged Batteries

Our batteries are known for their quality and long lasting nature. Manufactured at ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified plants, we manufacture batteries in different sizes to fit into the vehicles of choice.

Every battery is made in fully-equipped and automatic plant highest industry standard. Best of the equipment and workforce are utilized for results that exceed the expectations. Trouble free performance is guaranteed with any and every Dry-Charged Battery from our brands.

 Dry-Charged Batteries 
 Battery Type   Vehicle Wise Application 
 Generator Series 
 SUPER 10   Generator/Rickshaw 
 Silver+ Series 
 S50+   Suzuki Car/Van/Pickup/Subaru Car/Van/Pickup, Charade Petrol 800cc-1000cc 
 CR65L+   Toyota, Nissan (Datsun), Daihatsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda 800cc - 1300cc 
 S65+   Toyota, Nissan(Datsun), Daihatsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda Santro Plus 1000cc-1600cc
 S65L+   Datsun 120Y, Mazda 1600, Mitsubishi Lancer 1500 1200 cc- 1600 
 S75+  Honda Accord, Charade (Diesel), Honda Civic 1000cc-2000cc 
 S85Z+  Datsun, Toyota Mark II, Toyota Crown, Toyota Cressida, Toyota Corolla, Mercerdes Benz (Petrol) Willys Jeep, MF375 Tractor 2000cc- 4000cc 
 NS95+   Datsun, Toyota Mark II, Toyota Crown, Toyota Cressida, Toyota Corolla, Mercerds Benz (Petrol) Willys Jeep, Isuzu JCR520z, Daewoo/Hyundai, Toyota Hiace, 2000cc-6000cc* THICK PLATES 
 S100A+   Special Design for Toyota Corolla Diesel, 2000cc-3000cc 
 S105+   TV Sets , Amplifiers (Loud speakers, Tape recorders) Telephone Exchanges, Willys Jeep 2000cc-6000cc 
 V110Z+   Toyota Hiace Diesel, Mercedes Benz (Petrol), Isuzu Bus JCR 520Z, Massey Ferguson Tractor, MF 210, Cruise Toyota Hilux, Nissan Diesel, Pick-up, Ford 1910 Tractor, 2000cc-6000cc 
 Platinum Series 
 Platinum T-125 S   Fiat Tractor 450/480, IMT 540 Tractor Massey Ferguso Tractor 240/265, Ford Wagons, Land Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, John Deers 500 Talshen TS-25 Tractor, LG Tractor, 2000cc-6000cc 
 Platinum T-135 S 
 Platinum T-140 S 
 Platinum T-150 S 
 Platinum T-180 S   Isuzu Trucks, Mersedes Benz Trucks, Hino Trucks ZH-100, Fiat Tractor 640, Isuzu JCR, Isuzu JCR 460R, 3000cc-6000cc 
 Platinum T-190 S   Fiat-Tractor 640, Hino Truck & Buses, Hino Bowze, Russian Tractor, Isuzu Diesel Buses, Mazda Coaster, 
 T-3000, Isuzu TD 72, Road Roller, Bulldozers 3000cc-12000cc 
 Platinum T-210 S 
 Platinum T-225 S   Generator Set, Road Roller, Bulldozers, 3000cc-Above 
 Platinum T-250 S 
 Platinum T-270 S 
 Ford 3600 & Ford 4000 
 6LT190   Fiat-Tractor 640, Hino Truck & Buses, Hino Bowze, Fiat Tractor, Isuzu Diesel Buses, Fiat Buses 331, 3000cc-12000cc
 CNG Batteries 
 CNG-55L   Suzuki Car/Van/Pickups 800cc-1300cc 
 CNG-65L   Toyota Nissan (Datsun), Daihatsu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda 800cc-1300cc 
 Gold Series 
 IPS 800   Home and Office use 
 IPS Gold-1250 
 IPS Gold-1500 
 IPS Gold-2000