Corporate Sales

Corporate Sales Department is responsible to project image of PAL in corporate sector i.e. OEM’s (Telecom & Automobiles), Telecom and IT, Government / Semi Government Organizations / Departments, Education, Media, Industrial Sector, Solar and Wind Energy Integrators.

Local manufacturing of Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries (VRLA).

PAL is consistently investing to improve battery technologies and introduce innovative products specifically engineered to meet our customer’s needs in the renewable energy industry. The local manufacturer offers customers a convenient, cost-effective way to maintain VRLA batteries and ensure battery maximum life. Further, to facilitate the need for larger battery bank configurations, we have invested and expanding line of 2-volt VRLA battery models. The introduction of larger 2-volt products ranging from 200Ah to 3000Ah will allow system designers more flexibility in designing larger capacity systems while minimizing parallel connections. As the energy market continues to grow, Pakistan Accumulators (PVt) Ltd. is committed to making this market a strategic growth objective and will continue to invest in the right mix of people, products and services needed to maintain our leadership role in the industry. As the only deep cycle VRLA battery manufacturer in Pakistan with a fully dedicated team of professionals, we are focused on truly understanding the needs of our customers in order to continually improve the performance of our products and provide the best long- term investment to our clients. The deployment and use of the VRLA battery system has increased rapidly due to the higher energy density of the VRLA battery system and manufacturers promise of high cycling, low maintenance and long service life. Typically the VRLA battery system has a smaller footprint and can be deployed into smaller spaces, as compared to a flooded battery system of equal energy storage capacity.